A Treehouse Halloween.

Halloween is upon us, and the horrors of this year aren’t limited to October 31st alone as it has lasted since march with wildfires, main figure deaths, and a deadly pandemic that continues to rave our communities.Unlike other cultural and socio-political events that had to be held virtually due to the lockdown, this isn’t so.Continue reading “A Treehouse Halloween.”

What Autumn 2020 holds for us.

As we say bye to the Sunny Season of Summer, As we fill our Journals and Wardrobes in preparation for Autumn, We must all pause to look at the fall that beckons before we dive into it. Among the four seasons we experience in a year, Autumn holds a unique symbolic meaning. Which is Novelty.Continue reading “What Autumn 2020 holds for us.”

Can they actually ban TikTok ?

Over the past few weeks, there have been speculations on the Official ban of the popular app known as TikTok. Although the initial threat came from a questionable place but if we are to actually consider the possibility of TikTok being shut down, what are it’s advantages, what are it’s consequences. If we are toContinue reading “Can they actually ban TikTok ?”