EndSARS movement, Police brutality in Nigeria.

Where do we begin. Let’s begin with the famous line ‘I’ll shoot you and nothing will happen’. For the past few days the Nigerian youths have rallied like never before against the notorious police tactical unit and the police force in general.The protests being made against FSARS (Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad) are extortion, assault, gunContinue reading “EndSARS movement, Police brutality in Nigeria.”

What Autumn 2020 holds for us.

As we say bye to the Sunny Season of Summer, As we fill our Journals and Wardrobes in preparation for Autumn, We must all pause to look at the fall that beckons before we dive into it. Among the four seasons we experience in a year, Autumn holds a unique symbolic meaning. Which is Novelty.Continue reading “What Autumn 2020 holds for us.”

Superiority Complex? Here’s the best way to deal with it

2020 has been filled with almost everything we never expected. with the craziness going the world I asked myself a simple question. “How did we get here” Racial discrimination, Social injustice, A global pandemic, Inequality, White supremacy and privilege, Superiority complex, Black lives matter. These are the words that have been dominating our screens, theseContinue reading “Superiority Complex? Here’s the best way to deal with it”