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EndSARS movement, Police brutality in Nigeria.

Where do we begin. Let’s begin with the famous line ‘I’ll shoot you and nothing will happen’.

For the past few days the Nigerian youths have rallied like never before against the notorious police tactical unit and the police force in general.
The protests being made against FSARS (Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad) are extortion, assault, gun violence, rape, kidnapping and social profiling; the false assumptions that any young Nigerian using expensive gadgets, driving luxurious cars or flashy clothes are internet fraudsters.
These allegations have on for years but no justice is ever served for the officers or on behalf of their vicims.
The social profiling has led to the harassment of many young Nigerians and most cases result to unjustful killing of many young Nigerians with full lives ahead of them.


Jealousy! from the Nigerian old-folks towards the young generation. In 2020 It still sounds alien or looks utopian to them when young people (Millennials and Gen-Z) earn good income through entrepreneurship and online businesses.

The idea of having a livelihood outside the public service and the 9-5 system is what these Old-folks cannot fathom.
This mentality, sadly is what enabled this stereotypic profiling of an average Nigerian youth who is financially buoyant or creative with his or her appearance.
But FSARS and police brutality might just become a thing of the past as Nigerian youths at home and in the diaspora regardless of religion, gender, social class, ethnicity come together to say enough is enough!

Although the notorious tactical police unit FSARS (Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad) has been disbanded. It is crucial to take note of the reversible unjust actions that has been carried by this rogue unit and the entire police force in general.
As we clamor for accountability and diligence of the Nigerian police force towards the citizens, Justice for the victims of police brutality and compensation for their families, we are not including one thing. One thing which needs to be seen to but unfortunately isn’t, is the immediate release of citizens wrongly imprisoned by FSARS and the entire police force.

A sad reality in Nigeria is that often times people get arrested for non-criminal offences.
Let’s take for example this scenario below.

“A tenant owes a landlord rent, the landlord can summon the police to get him arrested. Inability to pay rent isn’t a criminal offence, what should have been done is that the landlord should sue the tenant and the matter should be resolved through proper legal channels. A lot of civil disputes amongst citizens and members of the police force results in wrongful imprisonment.

The solution to this is simple!
As we push for police reforms, a panel must be setup to look into arrests records of convicts across the federation, the arrests compared with the charges and pro-bono lawyers ready to defend their constitutional rights should be on stand-by
If that isn’t done, then sadly I have to say, We haven’t won.

Two days after nationwide protests the inspector general of police, various state governors and the president came out and in their words dissolved the unit, but Nigerians want more as we’ve seen it is more than just an EndSARS campaign it has become a war against poverty and prosperity, oppression and freedom, the youths and the old folks.

Young Nigerians have finally seen the power in unity and collective voice towards a better Nigeria for it’s current generation and the ones yet unborn and ending police brutality is just one of the long list of Nigeria’s problems.

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What Autumn 2020 holds for us.

As we say bye to the Sunny Season of Summer,

As we fill our Journals and Wardrobes in preparation for Autumn,

We must all pause to look at the fall that beckons before we dive into it.

Among the four seasons we experience in a year, Autumn holds a unique symbolic meaning. Which is Novelty.

Novelty for nature, Novelty for Man.

A usual characteristic dominant in Autumn is a decrease in temperature, the migration of birds to the equator to escape it, Animals gathering food ahead of winter, Brown colored leaves dominating our woods and parks as leaves die in order for new ones to spring forth.

Perhaps we should take the habit of shedding from trees

Just as animals and trees prepare for change and the prospect of evolving so must we.

Just as the trees let go of dead leaves we should also let go of the littlest feelings of guilt, pain and regrets—For healing, forgiveness, strength, and motivation to come in.

As the deciduous trees sheds their leaves What will you shed?

What are you ready to let go?

Before the horrors of Halloween knock our doors,

Before the shiver of winter kicks in,

We should open our ears to listen,

Our eyes to see,

Our hearts decide,

What Autumn of 2020 has to offer,

For You and for Me.

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Also feel free to let us know in the comments; just as the trees what you ready to let go.

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Superiority Complex? Here’s the best way to deal with it

2020 has been filled with almost everything we never expected. with the craziness going the world I asked myself a simple question.

“How did we get here”

Racial discrimination,

Social injustice,

A global pandemic,


White supremacy and privilege,

Superiority complex,

Black lives matter.

These are the words that have been dominating our screens, these are topics having devastating effects in real life so once again I have to ask,

How did we get here?

I want to believe we got here by negligence, lack of proper education and Superiority complex.

“Superiority Complex” let’s talk about that for a moment.

An attitude of superiority which conceals actual feelings of inferiority and failure

A superiority complex is a behavior that suggests a person believes they’re somehow superior to others. People with this complex often have exaggerated opinions of themselves. They may believe abilities and achievements surpass those of those of others- Kimberly Holland

While the conversations and riots were ongoing I noticed a lot of attacking and condemning on social media. But it’s crazy how we think we are addressing issues but in reality we are so far from the root cause of it.

Whether we like it or not some people feel superior to other humans who belongs to other groups; these groups are based on Religion, Ethnicity, Sexuality, Race, Gender.

The killing of George Floyd by a white police officer was based on Race. That heinous crime triggered the world once again. It reminded us to sour wounds that has been left untreated over the course of time. That killing transitioned the world from lockdown to riots and for the first time in a long time the global cry against social injustice echoed to every corner of the earth.

But why did it have to wait this long, why did another name had to be added to the list of names of people who fall victims of police brutality and social injustice? Was it that the other names, the other lives ended by police brutality and social injustice didn’t matter? Or are we just beginning to pay attention, are we just beginning to see, are we just beginning to act.

For weeks, months, down to this very day, we echo Black Lives Matter, we fight against Social Injustice hoping to create a new world where the belief of one’s religion, the spec of one’s sexuality, the identity of one’s ethnicity, the color of one’s race won’t be the reason for one’s sudden death.

Superiority Complex is the origin of it all. Look at it as tree and picture racism, sexism and others problems like it’s fruits, now that makes more sense. But how do we eradicate a system of belief that’s been in existence since the dawn of time?

Action! Taking Action!!

1. Re-orientation; Admitting the existence of a problem is the first step in solving it. We should all take time to educate and enlighten ourselves about Superiority complex and that starts by us taking our time to read this blog post. yeah.

2. Voting; I believe by putting people in power who genuinely believe in equality and are ready to stand for it is a big step in causing change

3. Donating to Organizations on the Front line; In our fight against superiority of any form there are organizations, movements representing the cause, organizations spear heading the fight against superiority. These organizations need our financial support in getting our silent grumbles to thundering roars.

4. Justice; What are the consequences or acts based on superiority complex? Are they in use? even if they are effective? Appropriate justice should be served on behalf of the victims of social injustice and appropriate punishments to the perpetrators. However, justice is a temporary solution to the issues at hand; this problem has gotten so deep that still fighting it alone with justice is like us just beating on the surface.

What’s learnt can be unlearnt. I believe the permanent solutions to ending acts based on Superiority Complex are humility, forgiveness, compassion and Love, that’s the true solution, that’s the way forward.


I remember reading tweets of people saying they can’t wait for things to return back to normal(pre-covid19) I disagree, I don’t want things to return to how they were, I don’t want us to return to inequality, cruelty, injustice, Let’s move on to something better.

Also don’t just be an internet reader following trends, here are ways you can act.

You can Support the fight against superiority complex by visiting the link below.

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