summer 2020 cancelled?

20 June— 22 September

Summer, the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling after spring and before autumn.

Summer, When the days are longest and the nights are shortest,

Summer the time for chilling, relaxations and partying. At least that’s what we’ve known it to be over the years but what happens when the world is plagued by a virus that knows no time nor season?

A virus that had sports, events, movements on hold, A virus that had the world on pause, A virus that locked us in, forcing us to remain in solitude surrounded by walls during a period where traveling, running wild on beaches, Getting the best out of life is all we know.

We now wear nose masks as if we are all casts starring as characters in an apocalyptic movie.

Even now for those bold enough to go out for certain reasons, social interactions are limited due to the line “Stay Safe”.

However, a handful of us had the Covid-19 lockdown to thank for creating the needed time to reflect on the things that truly matter in our modern world.

If any thing positive was achieved during the months of lockdown, was us taking time in becoming Better versions of ourselves. (More of this in the Ebook available on our TREE, Link below this post)

There’s a saying going around, “A Post Covid-19 world is everything a Pre Covid-19 world wasn’t”.

Perhaps next year we’d choose to spend summer in solitude and somber reflection on things that matter internally, Perhaps Summer becomes a new season we all take a break not to party and socialize but to educate and reorientate ourselves about the core values that makes us Good Individuals part of a progressive society.

Now just as how things may never return to how it used to be; Probably the Summer we often anticipate and long for is one.

And that doesn’t imply it’s cause for worry. No. If anything at all it’s up for confrontation and challenge.

Summer 2020 still has a lot of Good to offer apart from all the chaos going on in the world. But it’s up to you to make it so.

Perhaps Summer isn’t cancelled, It’s been Redefined.

This Summer, do we give in to the negativity overwhelming 2020 ? or do we evolve and make the best out of it by becoming better and Fitter Versions of ourselves.

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