Can they actually ban TikTok ?

Over the past few weeks, there have been speculations on the Official ban of the popular app known as TikTok. Although the initial threat came from a questionable place but if we are to actually consider the possibility of TikTok being shut down, what are it’s advantages, what are it’s consequences.

If we are to be open to any of both scenarios playing out, the main question still remains, Can they actually ban TikTok?

Real People, Real Videos who make your day.

TikTok is a video sharing social media developed by ByteDance, TikTok was initially launched in September 2016. Later TikTok was launched in 2017 for IOS and Andriod.

TikTok has become a force to be reckoned with in the global rave of the social media takeover. It has created room for millions of teenagers and young adults to show off their creativity with short videos. It is no doubt that TikTok has become the hub of entertainment, memes, trends and of recent political campaigns.

I’d Arguably say TIkTok became more popular this year as millions of people went to the social app to have unleash creativity, express ideas and partake in various challenges while we were stuck indoors during the Covid-19 lockdown.

But why the sudden threat to shut it down?

Is it a political move? I believe it is.

Back to the initial question that made you interested in reading this blog post,

Can they actually ban TikTok?
Technically, Yes!

All it takes is a tech guru and a bunch of signatures from high places
But then,
This is an app, a platform, a community for creators and consumers of good content.

TikTok has been a source of employment for digital developers. According to the U.S General Manager Vanessa Pappas there are 1500 employers currently working on TikTok, 1500 families being financed by a platform.

Imagine 1500 Employees losing their jobs..

TikTok has been a safe place for young adults and especially we teenagers to express ourselves on short video clips without the fear of being judged.

TikTok has been a tool for getting our voices heard on issues in real life; Whether it’s a movement for or against there are thousands of clips created to back it up.

TikTok has become a community that brings creativity and joy into our daily lives.

TikTok has become a means for us to connect and interact with people from different countries, different cultures, different backgrounds, thereby fostering global unity.

Before they consider shutting TikTok down for any political reason, whether you are a user of the app or not have this at the back of your mind.

Banning TikTok is banning Self Expression,

Banning TikTok is banning Creativity,

Banning TikTok is ending Jobs,

Banning TikTok is silencing Voices,

Banning TikTok is limiting Freedom.

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Superiority Complex? Here’s the best way to deal with it

2020 has been filled with almost everything we never expected. with the craziness going the world I asked myself a simple question.

“How did we get here”

Racial discrimination,

Social injustice,

A global pandemic,


White supremacy and privilege,

Superiority complex,

Black lives matter.

These are the words that have been dominating our screens, these are topics having devastating effects in real life so once again I have to ask,

How did we get here?

I want to believe we got here by negligence, lack of proper education and Superiority complex.

“Superiority Complex” let’s talk about that for a moment.

An attitude of superiority which conceals actual feelings of inferiority and failure

A superiority complex is a behavior that suggests a person believes they’re somehow superior to others. People with this complex often have exaggerated opinions of themselves. They may believe abilities and achievements surpass those of those of others- Kimberly Holland

While the conversations and riots were ongoing I noticed a lot of attacking and condemning on social media. But it’s crazy how we think we are addressing issues but in reality we are so far from the root cause of it.

Whether we like it or not some people feel superior to other humans who belongs to other groups; these groups are based on Religion, Ethnicity, Sexuality, Race, Gender.

The killing of George Floyd by a white police officer was based on Race. That heinous crime triggered the world once again. It reminded us to sour wounds that has been left untreated over the course of time. That killing transitioned the world from lockdown to riots and for the first time in a long time the global cry against social injustice echoed to every corner of the earth.

But why did it have to wait this long, why did another name had to be added to the list of names of people who fall victims of police brutality and social injustice? Was it that the other names, the other lives ended by police brutality and social injustice didn’t matter? Or are we just beginning to pay attention, are we just beginning to see, are we just beginning to act.

For weeks, months, down to this very day, we echo Black Lives Matter, we fight against Social Injustice hoping to create a new world where the belief of one’s religion, the spec of one’s sexuality, the identity of one’s ethnicity, the color of one’s race won’t be the reason for one’s sudden death.

Superiority Complex is the origin of it all. Look at it as tree and picture racism, sexism and others problems like it’s fruits, now that makes more sense. But how do we eradicate a system of belief that’s been in existence since the dawn of time?

Action! Taking Action!!

1. Re-orientation; Admitting the existence of a problem is the first step in solving it. We should all take time to educate and enlighten ourselves about Superiority complex and that starts by us taking our time to read this blog post. yeah.

2. Voting; I believe by putting people in power who genuinely believe in equality and are ready to stand for it is a big step in causing change

3. Donating to Organizations on the Front line; In our fight against superiority of any form there are organizations, movements representing the cause, organizations spear heading the fight against superiority. These organizations need our financial support in getting our silent grumbles to thundering roars.

4. Justice; What are the consequences or acts based on superiority complex? Are they in use? even if they are effective? Appropriate justice should be served on behalf of the victims of social injustice and appropriate punishments to the perpetrators. However, justice is a temporary solution to the issues at hand; this problem has gotten so deep that still fighting it alone with justice is like us just beating on the surface.

What’s learnt can be unlearnt. I believe the permanent solutions to ending acts based on Superiority Complex are humility, forgiveness, compassion and Love, that’s the true solution, that’s the way forward.


I remember reading tweets of people saying they can’t wait for things to return back to normal(pre-covid19) I disagree, I don’t want things to return to how they were, I don’t want us to return to inequality, cruelty, injustice, Let’s move on to something better.

Also don’t just be an internet reader following trends, here are ways you can act.

You can Support the fight against superiority complex by visiting the link below.

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summer 2020 cancelled?

20 June— 22 September

Summer, the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling after spring and before autumn.

Summer, When the days are longest and the nights are shortest,

Summer the time for chilling, relaxations and partying. At least that’s what we’ve known it to be over the years but what happens when the world is plagued by a virus that knows no time nor season?

A virus that had sports, events, movements on hold, A virus that had the world on pause, A virus that locked us in, forcing us to remain in solitude surrounded by walls during a period where traveling, running wild on beaches, Getting the best out of life is all we know.

We now wear nose masks as if we are all casts starring as characters in an apocalyptic movie.

Even now for those bold enough to go out for certain reasons, social interactions are limited due to the line “Stay Safe”.

However, a handful of us had the Covid-19 lockdown to thank for creating the needed time to reflect on the things that truly matter in our modern world.

If any thing positive was achieved during the months of lockdown, was us taking time in becoming Better versions of ourselves. (More of this in the Ebook available on our TREE, Link below this post)

There’s a saying going around, “A Post Covid-19 world is everything a Pre Covid-19 world wasn’t”.

Perhaps next year we’d choose to spend summer in solitude and somber reflection on things that matter internally, Perhaps Summer becomes a new season we all take a break not to party and socialize but to educate and reorientate ourselves about the core values that makes us Good Individuals part of a progressive society.

Now just as how things may never return to how it used to be; Probably the Summer we often anticipate and long for is one.

And that doesn’t imply it’s cause for worry. No. If anything at all it’s up for confrontation and challenge.

Summer 2020 still has a lot of Good to offer apart from all the chaos going on in the world. But it’s up to you to make it so.

Perhaps Summer isn’t cancelled, It’s been Redefined.

This Summer, do we give in to the negativity overwhelming 2020 ? or do we evolve and make the best out of it by becoming better and Fitter Versions of ourselves.

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