Cryptocurrency or Stocks? Which is better to invest your money in.

Over the course of time, Business oriented people and Finance enthusiasts have ventured into the financial sector with hopes to increase their net-worth by investing in a system that is influenced by real life spending habits of the general public.

The top leading niche’s of this nature are

1. Cryptocurrency

2. Stocks

Before the thrill that comes with the prospect of investment returns starts welling up in you, here are a few tips that can guide you in sailing these turbulent sectors.

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Which is better to invest your money in?

Cryptocurrency and Stock Market

So There is no straight answer to that.

if that is what you began reading this post to get, Ouch!

but hold up there’s something to take from this.

To be honest there’s no where you’d get a straight answer for that; only you can decide for yourself.

It all depends on your Trading strategy, Ideology, and your level of Risk tolerance.

If you can stand high risk, then you can go into cryptocurrency.

But if you are the type of trader who likes to play safe then the stock market should be your go.

Before we continue, Let’s look at Steve.

Steve puts $100 into his crypto wallet hoping that his money will rise by a certain percent. Steve lies on his couch and calls himself a cryptocurrency investor.

The next day the opposite happens.

Rates drop by a huge percent and the $100 he put now has a value of $50. And an emergency comes up, that he now has to withdraw that money to purchase a $50 product. What Steve actually did was spend $100 on a $50 product.

Now, with Bitcoin. It is really just a system of money transaction that has the potential of increasing or decreasing monetary value.

In other words, it’s random speculation and to a certain level of knowledge that is not how investment works.

Stock market on the other hand are backed by real life companies that usually yield profit.

These are companies that sells shares to the public.

You may wonder, why would a company share it’s assets and profits with the public? Simple because they need the money!

Now they could just go ahead with debt financing but that comes with the disadvantage of re-paying with an interest rate; So these companies result to equity financing.

As a potential investor in the stock market, after purchasing stocks from a company you get an annual profit called Dividends.

And that is the sweet spot. Are you a prospective stock investor? do run a company you are currently seeking for investors for a buy in? then the stock market should interest you.

The stock market or stock exchange is where stocks of major global companies are traded.

As a prospective buyer you buy not from the company itself but from another shareholder like you with the help of a stock broker who serves as an intermediate.

As many industries the internet has been a game changer for the stock market where as a trader you can create your own online account and carry out purchases and sales for as low as $7.

Although the volatility of the stock market can’t be compared to Cryptocurrency, Alot of factors affect the stock prices of companies, factors like security, media reports, politics, and of recent A Global Pandemic.

It’s very hard to navigate this precarious niche if you don’t have the right knowledge.

Before You sink your dollars into any of these sectors. Below are a few rules that will help you see cryptocurrency and the stock market from a clearer view.

1. Get your emotions in check:

Avoid your emotions going over the place, during a rise and during a recession.

2. Choose an area that you are competent in:

if you want to get those returns, then you have to choose areas that you are competent and knowledgeable in. whether it is gaming, AI, social media etc.

3. Ignore the minutiae:

Ignore the short term rises. When theres a sudden rise, you get hit with dopamine, you get hit with sudden excitement. That blinds you from seeing the bigger picture.

4. Learn the game first:

Learn the game by studying the best players. Learn from their success and failures.

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Cryptocurrency And Stocks for Beginners

It’s September 16, 2020 and some people still really can’t relate when conversations about bitcoin, crypto, and stock market comes up.

If you belong to that category of 21’st century individuals, and you want that streak to end then this post is for you.

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can be traded and exchanged for goods.

According to Coinmarket there are more than 6700 cryptocurrencies traded worldwide and the total value is pegged to be about $210 billion.

After various surveys carried out the crypto-community; The top cryptocurrencies you should know are;




How cryptocurrency works

It works through a block chain technology; which is a decentralized system that spreads across many computers that manages and records transactions.

However, No person or organisation is in control of crypto ; it’s a decentralized digital currency that is powered by a huge, distributed network of computers.

Hence triggering it’s global nature. Anyone can get in or out at any given time they choose to.

In order to buy cryptocurrency you’ll need a wallet; an online app that can hold your money that you will use to buy coins. Platforms like coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange where you can create a wallet, buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Is it Safe ?

With cryptocurrencies, there is no centralized authority responsible for your funds, you are the one responsible for your own funds amidst the dangers.

Your wallet may be hacked,

Your pc may be captured by a virus designed to steal coins,

You may make a mistake in details of a recipent’s wallet and send money in an unknown destination with no way to reverse the transfer.

And other dangers so you have be very security concious.

What is Stocks?

Stocks is what represents the ownership of a fraction of a corporation. This entitles the owner of the stock to a cut of the company’s profit based on how much stocks they own from the company.

A truth! Investing in the stock market comes with risk but if approached critically it is a good way to build on your net worth.

Stock exchange is a market where existing owners of company shares can transact with potential buyers. But here’s the thing with trading on the stock market—you are not buying from the company(companies), you are buying from an already existing shareholder. Same goes if you are selling, you are selling to another investor.

How it works

The stock market and prices of shares are influenced by bids and offers between traders.

Now, for someone with little experience you will need a broker. (A Broker is a person that’s acts as intermediate between you and your prospective buyer or seller as the case may be)

Stock returns arise from capital gains and dividends (A capital gain is the profit made after selling a stock at a higher price in which it was initially purchased while dividends is a cut of profit a company distributes to its shareholders)

There are many sectors in which you can involve yourself in if you want to begin investing in the stock market

• Energy

• Materials

• Industrials

• Consumer Discretionary

• Consumer Staples

• Health Care

• Financials

• Information Technology

• Communication Services

• Utilities

• Real Estate

Both the Crypto and Stock are both fields where billions have been made and lost. Before diving into any of them ask yourself this,

Are you a conservative investor/trader willing to sail in calm waters or are you the aggressive one willing to embrace volatility.

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Updated iPhone 12 “Leaks”

Iphone 12 leaks
Less than year since apple’s most recent update the iphone 11 series, news of Apple releasing a new model surfaces. While users still marvel at the amazing features of the Iphone11 series, a new release in works is something we must wait a few months to get a hold of.
According to JPMorgan analyst “samik Chatterjee” Apple will release three new iphone models in the fall of 2020. A 5.4-inch model, 6.1-inch model, 6.7-inch model which could be presumably called ‘iphone 12’ if apple keeps up the naming pattern from 2019 models
So what exactly should be expecting from the new iphone model if this is confirmed.

First and foremost, these are all leaks surfacing the digital community. This post is not confirming or denying any news!

1) Camera: At some point some began to assume that with every new update, a new camera lens will be added Well that might not be the case for here. Based on the dummy prototypes released for phone-case manufacturers the iphone 12 features a triple camera lens setup similar to the 11 pro and 11 pro max. Sensor shift stabilization on the ultra-wide camera enabling users increase the resolution of pictures and some added features we don’t know yet While the 5.4 and 6.1-inch models will have the dual camera set up.

2) Display: OLED displays with 458 ppi and Haptic touch, 4k 210fps for videos and animation.

3) 5G connectivity: Another feature to take note in the dummy unit is the 5G antenna window on the right edge, moving the sim card tray to the left.

4) New physical design: Based on the dummy models, the iphone 12 size fits in between an
iphone SE from 2016 and Iphone SE from 2020. The screen itself will be larger than the SE models due to the lack of vessels and the removal of the home button.

5.4 iphone 12
6.1 iphone 12 pro
6.7 iphone 12 pro max

5) Face ID: The TrueDepth cameras might be modified to power the flood illuminators in order to cover more angles, making facial detection achievable from different angles.

Regardless of all the rumoured leaks, iphone12 will still have an apple logo in the middle. It will still remain the product we’ve come to love and admire.
Once again nothing is final, there’s still a lot to look forward to, what do you think of the iphone12 leaks? what is on your wish-list for the new models?
Let us know in the comments.

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