A Treehouse Halloween.

Halloween is upon us, and the horrors of this year aren’t limited to October 31st alone as it has lasted since march with wildfires, main figure deaths, and a deadly pandemic that continues to rave our communities.
Unlike other cultural and socio-political events that had to be held virtually due to the lockdown, this isn’t so. As we will troop out in mass to trick and treat while practicing social-distancing.

For one night some will be immune not physiologically but psychologically. That kid going out as superman for one night is immune or that other kid next door who’s gonna dress up as covid-19 itself
(Haha lol) Either way it’s all gonna be fun.

Halloween is more than just a day of pumpkins, candies and spooky costumes. Over the centuries It has grown to become a day for self-expression, visual creativity, making of memories.

And nothing’s going to ruin that.

So get out there! And make some good memories.

Happy Halloween from Ebooktreehouse! Stay Safe.

Quick question, what are you gonna be for this year’s Halloween, let us know in the comments.

Published by Israel Olorunnisola

19. Writer. Thinker. Creator

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