What Autumn 2020 holds for us.

As we say bye to the Sunny Season of Summer,

As we fill our Journals and Wardrobes in preparation for Autumn,

We must all pause to look at the fall that beckons before we dive into it.

Among the four seasons we experience in a year, Autumn holds a unique symbolic meaning. Which is Novelty.

Novelty for nature, Novelty for Man.

A usual characteristic dominant in Autumn is a decrease in temperature, the migration of birds to the equator to escape it, Animals gathering food ahead of winter, Brown colored leaves dominating our woods and parks as leaves die in order for new ones to spring forth.

Perhaps we should take the habit of shedding from trees

Just as animals and trees prepare for change and the prospect of evolving so must we.

Just as the trees let go of dead leaves we should also let go of the littlest feelings of guilt, pain and regrets—For healing, forgiveness, strength, and motivation to come in.

As the deciduous trees sheds their leaves What will you shed?

What are you ready to let go?

Before the horrors of Halloween knock our doors,

Before the shiver of winter kicks in,

We should open our ears to listen,

Our eyes to see,

Our hearts decide,

What Autumn of 2020 has to offer,

For You and for Me.

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Also feel free to let us know in the comments; just as the trees what you ready to let go.

Published by Israel Olorunnisola

19. Writer. Thinker. Creator

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